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Avocado and Smoked Salmon Salad



Hi Everyone,

I have decided to post some of the recipes of the food I post on instagram. This is one of my favourite salads!

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Top 5 Food Groups That Are Good For Your Skin


I came across this article and thought it will be great for you to know how to look after your skin from the inside out. No matter how much product you put on your skin, it will not be as healthy as it will be if you take care of what you put into your body too.

Youthful-looking skin is a just a matter of knowing the right food to eat and maintaining the right diet.
This advice may sound a little cliché, but it is very true. The easiest way to healthy skin, is to eat the right foods; which will make your skin absorb the right nutrients and help make it look perfect. Our skin is the outer covering and protection of our body, and it is vital to take care of your skin.

Aside from eating right, it is best to remember that a healthy body translates to healthy skin. Eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough rest, and your skin will be beautiful.
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