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DIY Acne Scar Fading Tumeric Mask

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for going MIA, I was on holiday!!

Anyway, I wanted to share what I’ve been using as a mask to fade recent acne scars around my chin. If you have been following me for a while you know I tend to get hormonal break outs.

Watch the video before.

This home made skin brightener works great for fading scars and age spots, minimizing pores, treating acne and so much more.

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My Glowing Body Skin Oil | DIY

Hi Everyone,

I recently made this bodyoil and I must say I LOVE this oil!! As you know I have dry skin so creams and oils are always tricky to use. I started off using this oil for my face then one day after exfoliating my skin, I decided to use the oil on the rest of my body! And OH MY! How lovely it felt! Not heavy, light enough to not leave my skin dry and painful like other creams I have experienced. I talk about my struggle with dry skin in this video. Read the rest of this entry

DIY | Anti-acne and Anti-aging Toner | ACV Toner

Hi Everyone,

I recorded a video showing you my morning skin care routine and what I didn’t mention was that the toner I use in the video is a D.I.Y toner! You only need 2 things and its so cost effective. Read the rest of this entry

Beauty Haul | Skin Care | Hygeine


Hey guys,

This is my first haul video and post! I recently bought a few things to make my DIY creams and oils and thought it would be perfect to share with you what I bought which will lead into my other videos where I will be showing you many DIY concoctions! I try to only use 100% pure, cold pressed oils on my skin.

So what are cold pressed oils and the difference with the oils you are used to? Read the rest of this entry

Essential Oil Guide for Your Skin

essential oil


If you are anything like, knowing which oils to mix for your skin problems is a headache. That is why people opt for buying whatever they find at the drugstore. Below is a list I found that could make it easy for you when you create your own creams etc!!

Always dilute all of these oils before applying to the skin. Do a Read the rest of this entry

How To | Dye A Wig | Style Bangs/Fringe | ft EvaWigs

How to Style Your Bangs/Fringe

I recently recorded a review on this hair from Evawigs (here) and I wasn’t too keen on the hair colour as you saw in the video. So I decided to dye to a more natural hair colour against my skin tone. You Read the rest of this entry

Beauty Basics | Brush Care + DIY Idea

I love this DIY brush storage. Very simple and CHEAP! This is one way to clean your brushes, how do you clean yours? Read the rest of this entry

DIY | Whiten Your Teeth At Home

This is a requested video from @therealmizt and @mambokadzi both from my instagramThank you ladies for your request and I hope this helps! Below is the method of using this mixture which is great for whitening your teeth and removing stains. Read the rest of this entry

Morning Skin Care Routine

This is a requested video from a few of you who watched the previous videos (thank you 🙂 !!). To be honest, I usually run errands looking like this. I don’t wear a full face make up everyday because I don’t need to. This is why I am a huge advocate of looking after your natural palette and you won’t need to wear a lot of make up. I will record a night time routine. Read the rest of this entry

DIY | Whipped Shea Butter

I am loving natural products on my skin lately! I also use this concoction for my hair too.

Purchase the Shea Butter HERE

Purchase oils HERE or click the SHOP button for more.

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