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My current favourite Mask for Acne, Blackheads and Radiance!

Hey Guys!!

I know I know, its been over a month since I posted. I was on holiday!!! I hope you all had a great Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!

So if any of you are like me, you binged over Christmas!! So all the eating combined with the change of environment caused my skin to go in overdrive! And oh man did it! I seriously broke out and it was not pretty at all.

In the video above, I show you how I apply this new found love of mine. Read the rest of this entry


Glowing Skin | Carrot Kick Juice


Here at Ndanaka we’ve decided to spoil you with recipes that you should incorporate on your way to achieving glowing skin or maintaining it! This summery looking drink tastes amazing. You only need a few things. Read the rest of this entry

My Glowing Body Skin Oil | DIY

Hi Everyone,

I recently made this bodyoil and I must say I LOVE this oil!! As you know I have dry skin so creams and oils are always tricky to use. I started off using this oil for my face then one day after exfoliating my skin, I decided to use the oil on the rest of my body! And OH MY! How lovely it felt! Not heavy, light enough to not leave my skin dry and painful like other creams I have experienced. I talk about my struggle with dry skin in this video. Read the rest of this entry

Essential Oil Guide for Your Skin

essential oil


If you are anything like, knowing which oils to mix for your skin problems is a headache. That is why people opt for buying whatever they find at the drugstore. Below is a list I found that could make it easy for you when you create your own creams etc!!

Always dilute all of these oils before applying to the skin. Do a Read the rest of this entry

Tyra Banks Launches Tyra Beauty

Today in Ndanaka News:

Followers of Tyra Banks on social media have noticed a mysterious countdown on her account, promising that “something fierce this way comes.”

Now Banks is revealing what that “something fierce” is: her very own cosmetics line, TYRA Beauty.

Tyra beauty

COURTESY TYRA BEAUTY Read the rest of this entry

How To | Dye A Wig | Style Bangs/Fringe | ft EvaWigs

How to Style Your Bangs/Fringe

I recently recorded a review on this hair from Evawigs (here) and I wasn’t too keen on the hair colour as you saw in the video. So I decided to dye to a more natural hair colour against my skin tone. You Read the rest of this entry

How I Keep My Skin Glowing | New Products | 2014

Hey everyone! In this video I wanted to walk you through the products I’ve switched to this year. many people are still asking me about Olay – I havent used that line since 2011. However, you can watch my FIRST EVER video on Youtube where I spoke about my then skin care routine hereRead the rest of this entry

Beauty Basics | Brush Care + DIY Idea

I love this DIY brush storage. Very simple and CHEAP! This is one way to clean your brushes, how do you clean yours? Read the rest of this entry

Aaliyah | We Need a Resolution | Inspired Tutorial

Very easy smokey eye makeup tutorial. I used to love the song when I was younger! Who didn’t love Aaliyah, so gorgeous! Watch till the end as I attempt to sing along to Timbaland! lol 🙂 The list of products I used are below. Would you rock this look? Let me know in the comments below. Read the rest of this entry

Fall Inspired | 1 Lipstick, 4 Different Ways

Now that autumn/fall season has graced us with its presence, this video will help you make the most of your lipstick. If you are anything like me, you want to have a versatile product.  Read the rest of this entry