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Beyonce Nail Wraps with NCLA


bey nails

Any true member of the Beyhive is quite vocal about his or her love for Beyoncé, but now, thanks to the Queen herself, we can go the extra inch when it comes to displaying that affection. Read the rest of this entry


Tyra Banks Launches Tyra Beauty

Today in Ndanaka News:

Followers of Tyra Banks on social media have noticed a mysterious countdown on her account, promising that “something fierce this way comes.”

Now Banks is revealing what that “something fierce” is: her very own cosmetics line, TYRA Beauty.

Tyra beauty

COURTESY TYRA BEAUTY Read the rest of this entry

Beauty Basics | Brush Care + DIY Idea

I love this DIY brush storage. Very simple and CHEAP! This is one way to clean your brushes, how do you clean yours? Read the rest of this entry

Aaliyah | We Need a Resolution | Inspired Tutorial

Very easy smokey eye makeup tutorial. I used to love the song when I was younger! Who didn’t love Aaliyah, so gorgeous! Watch till the end as I attempt to sing along to Timbaland! lol 🙂 The list of products I used are below. Would you rock this look? Let me know in the comments below. Read the rest of this entry

Fall Inspired | 1 Lipstick, 4 Different Ways

Now that autumn/fall season has graced us with its presence, this video will help you make the most of your lipstick. If you are anything like me, you want to have a versatile product.  Read the rest of this entry

Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial

If you are anything like me, you rather have extra minutes in bed than putting on your makeup!

This is a very simple look, great for people who don’t put on a lot of makeup.


Products Used: Read the rest of this entry

Beauty Basics | Eyebrow Tutorial

Continuing the Beauty Basics Series, here is my first eyebrow tutorial. I never used to fill my eyebrows because my eyebrows have always been full so I only have do my eyebrows when I have a full face makeup on.

Products Used… Read the rest of this entry

Beauty Basics | Make Up Routine

So many different ways of applying make up and this is just one of them! Some people think its too long but I manage to complete it under 20 minutes!! 🙂