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Cinnamon Mashed Sweet Potato with Cobbler Fillet and Spinach


Hey Guys,

As promised, I’ll  be posting some of my meals that have been contributing to my ‘healthy lifestyle’ and skincare.

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Turmeric Milk


Turmeric milk 💛 I saw this on an instagram post and thought to try it out since I’m a bit under the weather.

“If you haven’t tried it you are missing out! I crave one of these all the time! When I first stared including turmeric into my diet for its amazing health benefits I didn’t care for the taste at all.

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Watermelons and Your Skin


Hi Everyone!

So Watermelons! Have it as a snack or breakfast or you can juice it!

How will they help with your skin? Well, Water melons are rich in vitamin A, C and antioxidants. These are all vital for your skin’s health. Its high water content hydrates your body resulting in radiant skin. it also reduces the appearance of size of the skin pores and minimizes the oil secreted by sebaceous glands.

Avocado and Smoked Salmon Salad



Hi Everyone,

I have decided to post some of the recipes of the food I post on instagram. This is one of my favourite salads!

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