DIY | Anti-acne and Anti-aging Toner | ACV Toner

Hi Everyone,

I recorded a video showing you my morning skin care routine and what I didn’t mention was that the toner I use in the video is a D.I.Y toner! You only need 2 things and its so cost effective.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that our skin is naturally acidic. And when you use different soaps and cleansers, it can actually throw off the P.H balance which should normally be 5.5. When you use harsh cleansers it can throw off the balance and make your skin more alkaline. When there is not enough acid in our skin, our skin become very sensitive, dry and prone to acne, clogged pores and wrinkles.

That is why its extremely important to use a toner after every wash. I prefer the A.C.V toner because not only is it good for you, but you know exactly whats going into your toner and what you are putting on your skin. It will also help bring your skin to the correct P.H level. If you would like to purchase the same A.C.V that I use, click here.

To watch my Morning Skin Care video, click here.


  • helps to restore the acid back to your skins mantle
  • it has anti-inflammatory properties
  • it kills bacteria
  • removes excess dirt, oil and left behind make-up
  • acts as a mild exfoliate and helps remove any dead skin cells that are left behind

When to apply:

I usually apply it after my cleanser, before my creams. Day and night. This means that anything I put after my toner will really penetrate my skin

What you need to make your toner:

  • Unfiltered, organic,unpasteurized apple cider vinegar that has the ‘mother’ in it. – I use the Braggs brand
  • Filtered or distilled water – cooled boiled or bottled water are fine
  • A clean bottle

How to:

Start off by trying a ratio of 1:1 i.e half water, half A.C.V.

If you have sensitive skin, or the mixture is too strong try adding more water i.e 3:1 i.e 3 parts water, one part A.C.V.

So that is it guys. This toner has really worked well on my mums skin and works wonders on mine too. This will help prep your skin for any creams you will apply after.

Have you tried this toner before? If what did you think? Comment below.


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